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TUNNEL VRANDUK-Preparations for installation and installation of secondary lining concrete

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Construction of the main road M-17.3 Neum – Stolac, asphalting on the subsection Hutovo – Cerovica

Home  /  Articles by: Sanja Čolak

Rovinj-Performance of construction works at the RETAIL PARK CROATIA

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Rehabilitation of tunnel Čaklovići, section Simin Han1 -Donje Caparde, km 2+775

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Tunnel Vranduk hole-through

By digging the last meters of the rock, today the right side of the Vranduk tunnel on the Vranduk – Ponirak subsection was breached. The length of the right pipe of the Vranduk tunnel is 312 meters, and the contractor is the consortium Azvirt L.L.C (Azerbaijan) and HERING d.d. Široki Brijeg (BiH).

Work on breaking the tunnel began in late March this year and was performed in three shifts. At the entrance to the right tunnel tube, the geology was more complex, while as the excavation progressed it improved. Most of the works were performed in category III using microreinforced concrete. At the same time, works were carried out on the preparation of fine leveling shotcrete, the foundation of the secondary lining, and in worse categories, the footing.

In the left tunnel pipe there are 108 meters left to dig out of the total length of 456 meters. This two-pipe tunnel was built according to the new Austrian tunnel method (NATM). Supervision over the execution of works is performed by the consortium DRI investment management d.o.o. (Slovenia) – DIVEL d.o.o. Sarajevo (BiH). Funds for the construction were provided through the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID). The Vranduk – Ponirak subsection is part of the Poprikuša – Zenica north (Donja Gračanica) section, which continues to the Nemila – Vranduk subsection in the north and to the Ponirak – Vraca subsection in the south. The total length of the subsection according to the project is 5.3 kilometers. The facilities on the route include the Vranduk 1 and Vranduk 2 bridges, which are constructed using cantilever construction technology, and the Vranduk tunnel, as well as three smaller viaducts. The specificity of the route is the layout of the left and right sidewalks of the motorway due to the fact that the motorway stretches through very steep slopes. The motorway is mostly located in a notch, which is why a significant number of high retaining walls have been designed, which will be operated with reinforced earth technology.

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Svilaj Bridge opened to traffic

During the ceremony at the Bosnian-Herzegovinian border crossing Svilaj on Thursday, September 30, 2021 the bridge SVILAJ over the Sava River was opened to traffic. Bridge is an integral part of the international pan-European road corridor 5C – Budapest-Beli Manastir-Osijek-Sarajevo-Ploče, and for the construction of which Hering dd Široki Brijeg was in charge.

The President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia Andrej Plenković and the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH Zoran Tegeltija cut the ribbon together and thus marked the opening of the bridge to traffic..

The Svilaj Bridge over the Sava River is the contact point of the road network of the Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The length of the bridge is 660 meters, and the total width is 29 meters. Three lanes have been built for each direction. It is a project worth 53.8 million BAM.

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Construction of bridge Počitelj

The contract for the construction of the sub-section motorway on Corridor Vc the named Počitelj – Zvirovići was signed on June 20, 2019. The subsection is 11.07 kilometers long and is divided into two LOTs.

The contractor for LOT 2- Bridge Počitelj, which is certainly the most impressive facility of the entire Corridor Vc, is a consortium consisting of Azvirt LLC from Azerbaijan, Sinohydro Corporation Limited and Powerchina Roadbridge Group Co. Ltd. from China, whose HERING is a subcontractor and in accordance with the contract performs works on the mentioned section.

Total value of works for construction of bridge is 28.114.889,53 Euro without VAT. The estimated construction period is 30 months.

Supervision over the performance of works is performed by IRD Engineering S.R.L. from Italy

Bridge Počitelj is the largest bridge on the entire Corridor Vc. It is 945 m long and 100 m high. It is a continuous prestressed reinforced concrete bridge with a box cross-section, built with the technology of free cantilever construction, the construction of which will connect the two banks of the Neretva River

Piers of the bridge are 92,97,92,91,88 and 66 m high.

Works on the construction of the Počitelj bridge are being performed at several positions at the same time. So far, piles have been successfully built on all pier places (a total of 95 pieces). At the pier site S5, the concreting of the second segment of the pier was performed, while at other locations, reinforced concrete works of the foundation are in progress. The base constructions of the piers S3 and S4 have been completed, which enables the uninterrupted continuation of the construction of the bridge.

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“Construction engineer – Today and tomorrow”

Within the the International Conference of Students of Civil Engineering and Architecture “Valja nama preko”, on Wednesday, October 23, 2019, at 14:00, the lecture “CONSTRUCTION ENGINEER – TODAY AND TOMORROW” was held at the amphitheater of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Mostar by M.Sc. Ladislav Bevanda, B.Sc.CE.; director of Hering dd Široki Brijeg.

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Contract for works on construction of the irrigation system of the area”Višićka kaseta”, Čapljina was signed

Novosti -

In the premises of City of Čapljina was signed a contract relating to irrigation within the project ” Višićka kaseta ”. The contract is worth BAM 4.145.499,79 and was signed by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry on behalf of the end user of the City of Čapljina as Employer and joint venture Hering dd Siroki Brijeg and Eccon Engineering doo Čapljina as Contractor.